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50 Soal Jawaban TBI USM PKN STAN Test Center Terbaru

Tes Bahasa Inggris memang menjadi salah satu bidang yang diwajibkan dalam setiap proses seleksi masuk perguruan tinggi negeri, salah satunya adalah STAN. TBI selalu ada dalam proses USM (Ujian Seleksi Masuk) dan SBMPTN. Dan untuk tahun ini, seleksi bersama masuk ptn akan diganti dengan test center yang nantinya dijadikan seperti ujian berbasis komputer mirip toefl.

Pentingnya belajar bahasa inggris memang sudah dimulai sejak sekolah dasar. Kurikulum pendidikan di Indonesia sendiri selalu memasukkan bahasa internasional ini kedalam setiap ujian akhir dan ujian nasional disamping bahasa Indonesia.

Penting untuk menguasai teori dan praktek dalam bahasa inggris seperti tenses, vocabulary, listening, writing, reading dan speaking. Dan dalam dunia keseharian, sangat penting untuk menguasai bahasa inggris secara speaking, karena akan berguna sebagai soft skill mu nantinya di dunia kerja.

Mungkin kamu yang mengincar masuk stan akan setuju bila ujian seleksi masuk-nya menjadi momok terbesar bagi pendaftar karena akan ada banyak siswa yang gugur. Setelah melalui tahapan USM, tes selanjutnya adalah kebugaran dan asesmen. Oleh karena itu latihan mengerjakan soal merupakan kewajiban yang harus kamu lakukan sebagai persiapan.
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Selain USM STAN, kembali ke tes center atau pusat layanan ujian untuk teknis dan mekanismenya sendiri masih belum ada keterangan resmi dari kemenristekdikti. 

Hal ini diperkirakan akan seperti pelaksanaan Tes Toefl atau Tes Potensi Akademik (TPA) yang bisa dilakukan di berbagai lembaga yang berstandar.

Salah satu kelebihan test center dibanding sbmptn diklaim lebih adil dan mengurangi biaya untuk seleksi masuk perguruan tinggi negeri yang selama ini membebani calon mahasiswa. Karena kamu bisa mengikuti tes di daerah masing-masing secara online, tidak perlu datang ke kampus tujuan.

Contoh Soal Tes Bahasa Inggris STAN dan Test Center PTN

contoh soal tes bahasa inggris tbi STAN

Langsung saja kamu bisa baca kumpulan soal soal englishnya beserta jawabannya dibawah ini. Untuk menampilkan jawabannya kamu cukup klik tombol jawaban, dan untuk menyembunyikannya kembali tinggal klik "sembunyi". Check these out!

Sasha was self-rellant and hardly ever ... any assistance from other.

A. She did accept
B. Did she accepted
C. Did she accept
D. She accepted
C. Did she accept

02. The parent should not risk ... the children in the without surveillance.

A. Leave
B. To leave
C. Leaving
D. For leaving
C. Leaving

03.We were grateful for and proud of ... taking on the responsibility for the charity event.

A. Her
B. She
C. Hers
D. She’s
A. Her

04. The CEO urged that any objection during the meeting ... politely by the members.

A. To be stated
B. Be stated
C. Has stated
D. Is stated
B. Be stated

05. That Excavator ... if you fixed it immediately.

A. Would have worked
B. Would be worked
C. Would be working
D. Would work
D. Would work

06. As soon as the last people ... into the cinema, the door will be closed.

A. Will get
B. Gets
C. Got
D. Have got
B. Gets

07. Daniel, accompanied by her parents, ... going to attend his college graduation ceremony.

A. are
B. is
C. were
D. was
B. is

08. ... for your carelessness, the team would have been safe the jungle.

A. Had it not been
B. Has it been
C. Had it been
D. Has it not been
A. Had it not been

09. We were going to watch ... but the revier said that it was a flop.

A. The frighten movie
B. The movie frightening
C. The frightening movie
D. The frightened movie
C. The frightening movie

10. This ... statue was made about 50 years ago by an American sculptor

A. Interesting wooden brown
B. Brown wooden interesting
C. Wooden Interesting brown
D. Interesting brown wooden
D. Interesting brown wooden

11. Nata's opinion sounds ..., so we decide to put it in our proposal

A. Logic
B. Logics
C. Logitical
D. logically
C. Logitical

12. Bob Sadino requires that her employee ... more cooperative in the next meeting

A. Is
B. Are
C. Be
D. Being
C. Be

13. No sconer ... the train station, than Sena changed her mind to go by bus.
A. She had reached
B. Had she reached
C. Did she reach
D. She reached
B. Had she reached

14. The passengers of the Garuda Airways ... their flight schedule several times

A. Look over
B. Look into
C. Look out
D. Look after
A. Look over

15. The merchant said that the price of the chinese carpet is a bit ... than those of the persian carpet

A. Cheap
B. Cheaper
C. Cheapest
D. The cheapest
B. Cheaper

Error Recognition Test (Pilih satu kata atau frasa yang tidak sesuai dengan standar penulisan bahasa Inggris)

16. Trustworthy (A) legislators must be accountability (B) for (C) the promises they made to their (D) voters

17. Chinese people adore (A) cats much because of their ability to kill (B) mice, their (C) bravery and have (D) smooth fur

18. Indonesia is the (A) archipelago which (B) consists of variety of distipet (C) native ethnich and (D) languages

19. The survey found that (A) the more people use social media, the least (B) likely (C) they will concern about (D) privacy

20. Natalie portman was proud (A) her (B) when she won (C) an Oscar award for (D) the best Actress in 2011

21. Since there are many complaints about the new products, the company ... the products now

A. is recalling
B. recalled
C. recalls
D. has recalled
A. is recalling

22. Sena is taking care of the Kitten with ... affection, and kindness

A. patient
B. patience
C. patiently
D. patients
B. patience

23. Hardly ever ... the same word twice alike

A. the little boy spelled money.
B. did spell the little boy
C. did the little boy spell
D. spelled the little boy
C. did the little boy spell

24. The blacksmith gave the ... sword to the brave knight to defeat monster

A. sharpens
B. sharpen
C. sharpening
D. sharpened
D. sharpened

25. Promoting ... goods and services, the company salesmen also bid an opportunity to earn some profit

A. they
B. their
C. its
D. it
B. their

26. William .... before his family came

A. died
B. has died
C. was died
D. Had died
D. Had died

27. Faiz's PC is broken. It needs

A. fixed
B. to fixed
C. to be fixed
D. fixes
C. to be fixed

28. Neither the big house nor the smaller houses ... right now.

A. Is being painted
B. Is painted
C. Are painted
D. Are being painted
D. Are being painted

29. The motorcycle, the chain ... is severed, is mine.

A. whose
B. of which
C. that
D. which
B. of which

30. .... his sickness, He didn’t come to his daughter wedding party

A. Because
B. Despite
C. Since
D. Because of
D. Because of

Reading Comprehension Test

This article for question 31 – 38

At the Grammys’ annual charity gala on Friday, Bob Dylan stole the show without singing a single note. In a wide-ranging 35 minute speech that had the 3,000 or so music executives and stars in the audience hanging on his every word, Mr. Dylan touched on the roots of his songwriting, the musicians who inspired him, and the naysaying of critics.

It was an extremely are and revealing speech from Mr. Dylan, 73, but in his usual fashion it was anything but straightforward. Reading from a thick cache of papers, he spoke in what at times was a kind of rhapsodic, canny prose-poetry, like one of his lyrics or an outtake from his 2004 memoir, “Chronicles, Volume One.” 

These songs of mine, “he said, “they’re like mystery plays, the kind Shakespeare saw when he was growing up. I think you could trace what I do back that far. They were on the fringes then, and I think they’re on the fringes now.”

Mr. Dylan was accepting the person of the year award from MusiCares a charity affliated with the Grammys that support musicians in financial need or in health crises. 

Since Musicares began in 1989, it has distributed nearly $40 million in aid, according to the group, and the event on Friday, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, raised a record $7 million through sales of tickets and memorabilia.

The night was packed with performances of Mr. Dylan’n songs by the of Bruce Springsteen; Neil Young; Norah Jones; Sheryl Crow; Willie Nelson; Jack White; Tom Jones; and Crosby, Stills and Nash. 

The award to Mr. Dylan was presented by formes President Jimmy Carter, who mentioned that Mr. Dylan’s words on peace and human rights are much more incisiveb, much more powerful and much more permanent than those of any US president.

Mr. Dylan began with thanks to people who helped his career early on, like John Hammond, the storied talent scout who signed him to Columbia Records, and Peter, Paul and Mary, whose version of “Blowin” in the Wind” gave Mr. Dylan his first big hit, in 1963. 

He paid to Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash, and also thanked the Byrds, the Turtles and Sonny and Cher, whose covers brought him more pop hits, even if, he said, he wanted to be pop songwriter.

31. Why was Mr. Dylan giving a speech’at the Grammy’s gala?

A. He won the Grammy
B. He was accepting an award from MusiCares
C. He did a lot of charities
D. Forrner president Jimmy Carter was asked him to give a speech
B. He was accepting an award from MusiCares

32. It can be inferred from the passage that

A. Bob Dylan sang several songs in the charity gala
B. Bob Dylan is a professional public speaker
C. Some of Dylan’s songs are about peace and human rights
D. The night was mostly attended by politicians
C. Some of Dylan’s songs are about peace and human rights

33. The word incisive in the article is closest in meaning to

A. Entertaining
B. Honest
C. Clear
D. dull
C. Clear

34. The word "stole" in line 1 is closest in meaning to

A. Take
B. Dominate
C. Robber
D. Swipe
B. Dominate

35. The word cache in the article is closest in meaning to

A. Box
B. Pack
C. Envelope
D. Stockpile
C. Envelope

36. Which of the following in NOT TRUE about of Mr. Dylan?

A. His songs were covered by other musicians
B. He is a straightforward person
C. He is a songwritter
D. He always wrote songs or peace and human rights issues
A. His songs were covered by other musicians

37. The word it in line 13 refers to

A. Award
B. musiCares
C. Grammys
D. LA Convention Center
B. musiCares

38. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?

A. Bob Dylan won the Grammy
B. Music conference at the Grammy
C. Bob Dylan’s great speech
D. The song of Bob Dylan
C. Bob Dylan’s great speech

This article for question 39 - 44

Nikola Tesla, a Serbian by parentage, began working for the phone company in Budapest. In 1882, he headed for Paris, where he took a job with the Continental Edison Company. 

He was invited to work stateside after his supervisor wrote a recommendation praising the young man as a genius on par with Thomas Alfa Edfison himself. While he hired Tesla

Edison thought the man's ideas were “splendid” but “utterly impractical.” Edison relled heavily on tedious experimentation for most of his discoveries, a commitment which some historians attribute partially to his lack of formal education. 

Tesla, in contrast, was an emotionally diven dreamer with years of engineering training. Which allowed him to work out theories before phsically implementing them.

At same point, Tesla insisted that he could increase the effciency of Edison’s prototypical dynamos, and eventually wore down. Edison enough to let him try. 

Edition, Tesla later claimed, even promised him $50,00 if he succeeded. Tesla worked around the clock for several months and made a great deal of progress. 

When he demand his reward, Edison claimed the ofter was a joke, saying, “When you become a full-fiedged American, you will appreciate an American joke. “Edison offered a $10/week raise, istead. Ever prideful, Tesla quit, and spent the next few months picking up odd jobs across New York City.

Edison’s least favorite of Tesla’s “impractical” ideas was the concept of using alternating current (AC) technology to bring electricity to the people. 

Edition insisted that his own direct current (DC) system was superior, in that it maintained a lower voltage from power station to consumer, and was, therefore, safer. 

But AC technology, which allows the flow of energy to periodically change direction, is more pratical for transmitting massive quantities of energy, as is required by a large city, or hub of industry, say. 

At the time, DC technology only allowed for a power grid with a one-mile radius from the power source. The conflict between the two methods and their masters came to be known as the War of Currents. 

In the end, AC won out. George westinghouse, an invertor, entrepreneur, and engineer who had himself been feuding with Edison for years, fulfilled Tesla’s dream of building a power plant at Niagara Falls to power New York City, and built upon its principles the same system of local power grids we use today

39. Which one is the advantage of DC system?

A. It allows for a power grid with a one-mile radius from the power sources
B. It maintains a lower voltage from power station to consumer
C. It is more economical to be applied
D. It is more practical for transmitting massive quantities of energy
B. It maintains a lower voltage from power station to consumer

40. The word tedious is closest in meaning to ...

A. Dull
B. Diverse
C. Dynamic
D. tenacious
A. Dull

41. What is the main idea of the passage?

A. The superiority of AC system
B. The invention of AC and DC system
C. The biography of Nikola Tesla
D. The rivairy between Tesla and Edison
D. The rivairy between Tesla and Edison

42. What can be inferred from the passage?

A. George westinghouse and Nikola Tesla were best friend
B. George westinghouse has invented the generator that we use today
C. George wastinghouse admired Edison’s work
D. George westinghouse rarely agreed with Edition
B. George westinghouse has invented the generator that we use today

43. Which one is NOT TRUE about Nikola Tesla?

A. He worked for Edison’s company
B. He had a better educational background than Edison
C. He built a power plant at Niagara Falls
D. He worked out theories before physically implementing them
C. He built a power plant at Niagara Falls

44. The rivalry between Tesla and Edison took place in ...

A. 17th century
B. 18th century
C. 19th century
D. 20th century
C. 19th century

This Article for question 45 - 50

Nearly a century ago, biologists found that if they separated an invertebrate animal embryo into two parts at an early stage of its life. It would survive and develop as two normal embryo. 

This led them to believe that the cells in the early embryo are undetermined in the sense that each cell has the potential to develop in a variety of different ways. 

Later biologist found that the situation was not so simple. It matters in which place the embryo is cut. If it is cut in a plane different from the one used by the early investigators, it will not from two whole embryos.

A debate arose over what exactly was happening. Which embryo cells are determined, just when do they become irreversibly committed to their fades, and what are the “morphogenetic determinants” that tell a cell what tp become? 

But the debate could not be resolved because no one was able to ask the crucial question a form in which they could be pursued productively.

Recent discoveries in molecular biology, homever, have opened up prospects for a resolutionof the debate. Now investigators think they know at least some of the molecules that act as mophogenetic determinants in early development. They have been able to show that, in a sense, cell determinant begins even before a egg is fertilized.

Studying sea urchins, biologist Paul Gross found that an unfertilized egg contains substances that function as morphogenetic determinants. 

They are located in the cytopiasm of the egg cell; e,. In that part of the cell’s protoplasm that lies outside of the nucleus. In the unfertilized egg; the substances are inactive and are not distributed homogeneously. 

When the egg is fertilized, the substances become active and, presumaably, govern the behaviour of the genes they interact with. 

Since the substances are unevenly distributed in the egg; when the fertilized egg devides, the resulting cells are different from the start and so can qualitatively diffrent in their own gene activity.

45. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?

A. Study of sea urchins by Paul Gross
B. The location of morphogenic determinants
C. Substances of morphogenic determinants
D. Fertilization of eggs
C. Substances of morphogenic determinants

46. Which of the following is NOT the description of morphogenic determinants?

A. It controls cells
B. It is heterogeneously distributed
C. It is located in the cytoplasm
D. It is always active
D. It is always active

47. The word resolution in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to

A. Answer
B. Measure
C. Bottom
D. Development
A. Answer

48. What determine whether an embryo can form two whole embryos?

A. The fertilization process
B. The way the embryo is being cut
C. The embryo activity
D. Whether it is a sea urchin’s embryo
B. The way the embryo is being cut

49. The word govern in the last paragraph is closest in meaning to

A. Determine
B. Assist
C. Change
D. follow
A. Determine

50. The word them in line 2 refers to

A. parts
B. stages
C. embryos
D. biologists
D. biologists

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