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40+ Soal Jawaban UNBK-USBN Bahasa Inggris SMP Terbaru

Kalian yang sebentar lagi akan menghadapi UNBK dan USBN tentunya harus banyak belajar dan berlatih soal soal. Salah satu mata pelajaran yang mulai diujiankan untuk tingkat SMP atau SLTP adalah bahasa Inggris. Bahasa internasional ini memang sudah menjadi mata pelajaran wajib bagi kurikulum nasional. Dan kali ini kosngosan akan memberikan contoh soal dan jabawan untuk adik adik yang saat ini berada di kelas IX dan bisa kalian gunakan untuk latihan sebelum hari H tiba.
unbk usbn smp bahasa inggris

Soal soal dibawah ini sepenuhnya sudah diperbaharui dan ada penambahan materi yang cukup sering muncul di ujian tahun lalu dan berkemungkinan tinggi pula muncul di tahun ini. Tapi sebelum membahas soal soalnya ada baiknya kita bahas terlebih dahulu pelajaran bahasa Inggris dan sistem ujian online saat ini.

Bagi kalian yang duduk di kelas IX saat ini, mengikuti ujian nasional bukanlah hal pertama, karena memang kalian sudah pernah ujian nasional ketika kelas VI. Hanya saja ada penambahan materi  pelajaran termasuk Bahasa Inggris yang dinilai penting untuk kompetensi peserta didik di Indonesia dalam menghadapi pasar bebas nantinya.

Ujian yang lalu seluruh tingkat smp sudah menggunakan sistem online. Artinya tanpa menggunakan kertas lagi. Penggunaan komputer dinilai lebih efektif dan aman dari kecurangan berbagai oknum. Seperti hal nya pelajaran bahasa Indonesia yang menuntut kalian agar lebih teliti dalam membaca dan menganalisis kandungan makna dari setiap soal yang diberikan.

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Tidak jarang banyak dari murid yang mengalami kesulitan mengerjakan soal soal yang berbahasa inggris. Ada juga yang cukup fasih dalam bahasa inggris, namun tidak begitu paham akan teknis aturan bahasa inggris tersebut. Oleh karena itu latihan menjadi hal yang wajib kamu lakukan.

Berikut akan mimin berikan 40 contoh soal latihan bahasa Inggris untuk tingkat SMP terbaru

Choose the right word or phrase to complete the following sentences

01. Dad : Get me the plain water, please. I’m thirsty.
Son : Wait a minute, Dad.
Dad : Thanks.
Where does the dialogue take place?
a. In the office
b. In a restaurant
c. In the dining room
d. In the rest room

02. Suci : ... does our father drive the car?
Zulaikha : He drives 45 kilometer per hour.
a. How far
b. How long
c. How high
d. How fast

03. Dad : I ... a new bag for you. Here you are.
Mom : Wow! It’s so nice. Thanks, Dear.
Dad : You are welcome.
a. buy
b. bought
c. will buy
d. buying

04. Suseno : Adam, Can you drop by my house after school? There’s something I want to give you.
Adam : ... but why don’t you tell me what it is now?
Suseno : Be patient man. It's surprise
a. I don’t think so
b. Sure, I can
c. I like it
d. Fine, go ahead

05. Look at the pictures !

soal bahasa inggris

Which statement is TRUE based on the pictures?
a. Riko is the youngest child.
b. Ratih is the oldest child.
c. Listy is younger than Ratih.
d. Riko is older than Listy.

06. [Keep The Room Clean !!!]
What does the notice above mean?
a. Don't throw rubbish in the room.
b. Don't destroy everything in the room.
c. Don't sleep in the room.
d. Don't speak in the room.

07. Find the correct spelling and pronunciation.”
"Spelling" word means an ordered set of ... which forms a word.
a. sentences
b. alphabet
c. letters
d. paragraphs

08. Iwan : My name is Iwan . What’s your name?
Rafi : My name is Rafi. Nice to meet you.
Iwan : It’s a pleasure. This is a great event. Do you think so?
Rafi : Yes, I do. [...]
Ulwan : I’m from Depok, Indonesia. And you?
a. I'm from Yogya
b. Where you born?
c. By the way where are you from?
d. See you later!

09. Soleha : What time do you have a dinner? Do you always have a different dinner time?
Syafrudin : No. [...] eat dinner around 6 o’clock. How about you? When do you eat dinner?
a. I will
b. I do
c. I never
d. I almost always

10. Harahap : He has blond hair and glasses too, though.
Siregar : Oh. [...] is your younger brother?
Harahap : He’s a bit shorter than us. I am not sure but I think he’s around 170 centimeters tall.
a. How big
b. How tall
c. How much
d. How long

Reading text : Text for number 5 to number 10
Bank Rakyat Indonesia
BRI is one of the biggest commercials Bank in Indonesia. Its units spread out almost in every sub district, event though in remote area.
For villagers, BRI is the main choose to save their money, to transfer their money and to have loans. BRI has 5 days opening from 8 am to 3 pm of public service. The staff businesses can been seen since it opens. Therefore, BRI always tries to improve its better service in order fulfill the customer’s needs. The customers vary from farmers, teachers, students, traders and businessmen. BRI provides the customer with some kind of accounts, such as simpedes, simaskot, BRI-Tama, ATM, BRI-Syariah and others. To handle those services, the bank staffs are always ready for their customer.

11. For villager BRI is the main choose to have loans. The "loans" word means
a. Amount of money kept in a bank
b. amount of money borrowed from a bank
c. Amount of money sent though a bank
d. amount of money paid to bank as interest

12. The type the above text is
a. report
b. descriptive
c. recount
d. explanation

13. How long does BRI serve the customers everyday?
a. 8 hours
b. 3 hours
c. 5 hours
d. 7 hours

14. From the text we can conclude that the bank customers majority are
a. Vary professions
b. the businessmen
c. The villager
d. the trader

15. What kind of account is mostly the villager used?
a. ATM
b. BRI-Tama
c. Simaskot
d. Simpedes

16. A book writer usually uses a [...] to write their book, than typewriter
a. Laptop
b. Smartphone
c. Electronic
d. Finger

17. Work of surgery is usually held in….
a. Laboratory
b. Radiology department
c. Operating theatre
d. Maternity section

18. If you wanna check in a hotel, who will you meet first?
a. The receptionist
b. The owner
c. The bellboy
d. The room boy

Read this announcement below to answer 19, 20, 21 and 22

To celebrate the school aniversary, the board of student association will hold some contest. They will be held from 1 - 2 January 2019. Those who are intereted to join should register themselves to the committee. The registration will be closed a day before the contest. All participants must fill in registration form. It can be obtained in the OSIS room. For detail information, please Whatsapp Sulastri.

19. How long will the contest be held?
a) About a week
b) Two days
c) Three days
d) Twenty four days

20. Those who are interested to join should
a) Contact Sulastri or Others
b) Remember the time of the event
c) Celebrate the school anniversary
d) Fill in the form to register themselves

21. What date The registration will be closed?
a. 28 December 2018
b. 03 January 2019
c. 31 December 2018
d. 05 January 2019

22. They will be held from 1 - 2 January 2019. What does the word “it” refer to?
a) Some contest
b) The OSIS members
c) School Anniversary
d) The participants

Read the article below to answer 23, 24, 25 and 26

SMP Negeri 1 Padangsidempuan has many classrooms. They are very big. And there are twenty classroom and forty chairs for students. The teacher’s table is in front of the classroom. The teacher sit behind the table. Behind her is the whiteboard. Beside the whiteboard is a map of Indonesian archipelago. Under the map, there is a bookshelf. There are two windows in the room. Between the windows is a picture of Borobudur temple. Sena like her classroom so much.

23. They are very big. "They" and "Big" word refers to
a. "The tables" and "Large"
b. "The table" and "Great"
c. "Fat" and "The teachers"
d. "Clean" and "School"
e. "School" and "Dirty"

24. How is the writer’s classroom ?
a. It is so dirty
b. It is very clean
c. It is in front of the school
d. It has forty chairs for students
e. It is very big

25. Where does the teacher sit?
a. In front of the classroom
b. Behind the table
c. Behind the whiteboard
d. Under the map
e. Behind the white board

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26. Where is a map of Indonesia?
a. Behind the table
b. Beside the whiteboard
c. Behind the wall
d. Behind the teacher
e. In front of the window

27. The fact that he was put in prison for something that he had not done made his wife [...]
A) to be crying
B) Cried
C) Crying
D) Cry

28. The word “reservation” is closest meaning to
A) saving
B) joining
C) booking
D) departure

29. [1]my house
[2]went out
[3]was raining
[6]very hard
[7]the electricity
Arrange the above words into a correct sentence
A) 1 – 2 – 6 – 8 – 7 – 4 – 5 – 3
B) 4 – 5 – 3 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 1 – 2
C) 7 – 2 – 4 – 1 – 8 – 3 – 5 – 6
D) 5 – 6 – 8 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 7 – 4

Read this text to answer 30, 31, 32 and 33

30. What is the announcement about?
a. Summer holiday
b.School's registration
c. School's invitation
d. Summer camp

31. What should students do if they wanna join the program?
a. Need parent's permission
b. Confirm the invitation
c. Go to bumi perkembahan Cibubur
d. Practice some sports

32. From the announcement, we know that the program will be held for
a. a month
b. a day
c. one week
d. two days

Read this text for question 33, 34 and 35

33. What can you learn from the text ? Andi shold have
a. driven the car himself
b. left early
c. worn his watch
d. left his things

34. Why was Andi late to arrive at the station?
a. he took taxi
b. the traffic very crowded
c. the driver was driving slowly
d. he got up late and the traffic very crowded

35. Andi indeed arrived at the station, [...] the train had already left
a. almost
b. usually
c. but
d. often

36. Rani has just changed her mind. "Mind" has closest meaning to
a. brain
b. decision
c. ambition
d. suggestion

37. Adam really amazed by her habit. The underlined word is closest meaning to
a. ashamed
b. surprised
c. scared
d. expect

38. If you want to show your declination, you can say
A. I don’t think so
B. I’m with you
C. Why you think so?
D. It make sense

39. The following are the right expression of hope, except
A. I hope your father will be fine soon
B. I have to go to airport
C. Let’s hope we will pass the National Examination tomorrow
D. I hope we will success

40. One day, you hear that your classmate, Seno, got an accident and his arm was injured when he rode his bicycle.
What would you say to express your hope about Seno’s condition right now?
A. I'm sorry to say that
B. He should not ride bicycle carelessly
C. I hope he gets well soon
D. I have to visit him in the hospital

Kunci jawaban soal bahasa inggris

33. B
34. D
35. C
36. B
37. B

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Sekianlah pembahasan seputar Soal Latihan dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris UNBK dan USBN SMP kali ini, semoga bisa bermanfaaat untuk kalian semuanya ya. Jangan lupa untuk mempersiapkan diri menghadapi ujian nanti, semoga kalian semua lulus!
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